Hate them or love them, the cool kids reign in high school. Whether they deem that lensless glasses are cool or that kale juice is the ideal lunch, this elite group can make those out of the pecking order feel inferior. If you have a desire to dress and act like them, you’d better learn a few of their ways, brush up on their language and update your style from ordinary to hip.

Dress Like Them

All over the globe hipster males squeeze their frames into tight skinny jeans, flannel button ups and thick-rimmed glasses. A beard is grown as adornment and canvas sneakers complete the look. Each male flaunts his personality in unique variations of this ensemble.
Ladies vying for a hipster look should seek out grunge staples from the 90’s such as loose tees, flannel button ups and cut-off jean shorts. Chunky 80’s jewelry, canvas sneakers and thick rimmed glasses top off the casual and cool look.
Both guys and girls sporting this look accessorize with hats, sunglasses and messenger bags and are known to buy their clothing at thrift stores, American Apparel and Urban Outfitters; the goal is to find unique, vintage-inspired wear.

Talk Like Them

You can look as ‘hipster’ as possible, however when you open your lips the words coming out of your mouth should also complete the act. First and foremost, when asked if you’re a hipster, promptly deny the charge.
Other tips to bare in mind are that the words ‘awesome’ and ‘ridiculous’ are the words of the moment, so try to intersperse them into your speech. Praise artisan food, DIY activities and Ayurvedic medicine. Condemn mainstream media. And if you have no idea what hipster language is, check out a hipster glossary online (yes, they do in fact exist), Tumblr and Instagram to read posts and start decoding.
Knowing what words and topics are ‘in’ among the hipster crowd will help ensure your status.

Read Like Them

Unconventional thinking is valued by hipsters. So, eliminate mainstream media ideals from your diet and indulge in underground publications, literature and independent films. Reach out for eco-conscious books or autobiographies by prolific politicians, artists and writers. An art book or two on your bookshelf will never be looked down upon, too. Try to be seen leafing through the pages of a book that no one else is reading. By indulging in these indie forms of media. you’ll become a hipster inside and out.

Go Where They Go

Hipsters are eco-conscious. So, you’re more likely to see them in a used book or thrift store than in any building opened by a corporate company. Good, healthy food is reserved for just about every meal, so a rustic hole in the wall serving fresh food will likely serve a hipster or two. And to get there? Definitely a fixed speed bike versus a car.