So Paris Hilton may be annoying and she is famous for pretty much doing nothing, BUT we can all agree on one thing: the girl has got a bank account and she does not waste anytime spending it! This may not be fair (I’m talking $3,000 at one store) but it does not mean that you cannot be just as stylish and fashionable MINUS the cash! Tricks of the trade and being fashion-savvy will have you looking like the It-Girl you always knew you were…

Things You'll Need

Assess the situation at hand. Things to consider: age, body type, personal style and cost. All of these things can change or modify your purchasing decisions. One tip may be better for a younger girl while other ideas would be appropriate for a more mature person.

Get a SCARF. This is going to be one piece that will be used in a variety of ways. 1) Wear the scarf traditionally, wrapped around your neck. 2) Wrap the scarf around your waist to create the wide, obi-belt look. This is a great way to accentuate your waist and look more feminine. 3) With a smaller scarf drape it around your neck and let it hang – do not wrap it around. 3) Use it as a head scarf either with your hair down or up. By using ONE PIECE a variety of ways, you will save money and keep your look updated.

Get Online! This is where some real magic can happen. The web is just crawling with deals. Ebay, Amazon and are just a few of the tons of sites offering access to deals as well as clothes being re-sold for a discount. ALSO…sites like provide info on local sample sales and can even alert you when they are coming up. Sample Sales are where designers can sell unused samples from previous seasons.

shop BACKWARDS.This sounds much scarier than it actually is.It’s simple…clothes go on sale once a season ends. For example, late January – early March is the best time to purchase clothing from the previous season. Hence the idea to shop backwards. Buy your clothes in the opposite season when they go on sale.
**NOTE:Be careful not to by something too specific to a current trend. Focus on basic items:jeans, solid colors, classic pieces.

Make Forever 21, H&M and Rampage your new best friends (so that means Louis, Zac and Stella are no longer invited to your birthday party. These stores, while they can be overwhelming at times, are a great source to find trends that have been ‘knocked-off’ from expensive designers and sold at very reasonable prices.
Important When you go into these stores, have a game plan. They sell a lot of merchandise that is not ALL good. Make sure you have a ‘look’ in mind and then find the specific pieces that will help complete your outfit.