Many versions of tortilla chips are made by deep-frying them in oil. If you are looking for a healthier and less messy way of making tortilla chips, baking can be an easy option. This method can also allow you to control the quality of ingredients and easily make dietary substitutions, such as adding less salt or oil. Baking tortilla chips at home is generally more affordable than buying them premade and can be a great way to use up leftover tortillas.

Things You'll Need

Heat the oven to approximately 350 degrees F. Use your hands or a pastry brush to lightly coat each tortilla with vegetable oil or cooking spray.

Place the tortillas into an even stack. Use a sharp knife or pizza cutter to cut the stack of tortillas into approximately four or six equal sections, depending on the size you desire.

Lay the tortilla pieces onto one or two baking sheets, making sure the tortilla pieces do not touch. Sprinkle the tortilla pieces with salt or preferred seasoning on both sides.

Bake the tortillas for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The tortilla chips should be crunchy and a light golden brown.

Cover a serving tray with a paper towel and use a spatula to place the tortilla chips onto the tray to cool. Add extra salt to the tortilla chips while they are still warm, if desired.


  • Tortillas can be sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar instead of salt to make a tasty dessert.

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