The term “fish hook” describes a lock of hair that bends at an awkward angle as the result of using a curling iron. Hair “fish hooks” when the end of the lock is not properly wound around the barrel of the curling iron. Avoid having a head full of fish hooks by using the right techniques when you curl your hair.

Things You'll Need

Apply an egg-sized dollop of mousse to your hair. Comb the mousse through your hair with a wide-tooth comb. This will help to keep the ends of your hair together when you use the iron.

Section off a 1-inch strip of hair; comb out any tangles. If the strip is too large or has tangles, you may not be able to wrap the ends efficiently.

Open the curling iron and clamp it over the middle of the strip of hair. Slide the curling iron down until you get to the tips of your hair.

Roll the hair upward. Once you’ve made the first complete revolution with the curling iron, open and close the clamp of the curling iron slightly. Do this a few times as you continue to curl upward. This will help smooth out any piece of hair that isn’t clamped properly onto the iron.

Open the clamp of the curling iron slightly; slide the iron off of the section of hair once you’ve created the curl that you want. Do this with a smooth, continuous motion to prevent bends or crimps in your hair.