Coach handbags are some of the most replicated handbags on the black market. Because of their quality and expense, many people want to own Coach purses and jump at the chance to get one at a discounted price. However, buyers should be weary of buying a Coach handbag from any place other than a licensed Coach retailer. There are many sellers who pass off fake Coach bags as the real thing. With a few tips on how you can authenticate a Coach purse, you will be able to tell if a bag presented to you is the real deal.

Check the embroidered “C”s on the bag for symmetry. Many Coach handbags have their signature C embroidered on the outside of the bag in a repeated, symmetrical fashion. On genuine bags, all Cs line up perfectly. If your bag has Cs creeping into the seams or that don’t line up with each other, it’s fake.

Check the stitches on the purse. All real Coach handbags have uniform stitching. If you see missing or different-sized stitches, then you’ve got a fake.

Check the zipper pull. Coach uses zippers from only one company, YKK. If you look at the zipper pull, you should see “YKK” imprinted in small letters. If you do not see these letters, you have a fake.

Take the bag to a licensed Coach retailer. Ask the Coach salesperson examine it. He will be able to tell you whether it is authentic.