Dreadlocks or dreads are matted coils of hair made by washing your hair, not combing it out, and twisting the wet hair into ringlets or braids hanging down. Once you dreadlock your hair, you can style your dreads in various ways such as twisting and tying them in a pony tail, wearing them bundled in a cap or decorate them with beads and other items like seashells or cowry shells. Although attaching the shell to a dread may seem challenging, some methods offer simple steps for affixing the shell to the dread.

Things You'll Need

Thread your dread through the shell with a small hairpin. Bend the hairpin to straighten it.

Wrap the end of a dread around the end of the hairpin and push the hairpin through the center of the cowrie shell.

Remove the hairpin by sliding it off the end of the dread. Be sure the end of the dread is still in the center of the cowrie shell.

Push the shell up the dread and fold the tip of the dread over the top of the shell.

Secure the shell with a small rubber band. Wrap the rubber band around your hair by stretching the rubber band around the tip of your thumb and forefinger, inserting the dread through the rubber band opening and wrapping the band around the dread.