Attaching pearls on a cake will add a little bit of flair and elegance to your next party. You can purchase edible cake pearls at almost any baking store, and many grocery stores, or you can make them yourself using fondant and a mold. Whether you decide to make the pearls yourself or to buy them, you’ll need to be sure you attach the pearls to your cake carefully to ensure a polished-looking cake.

Things You'll Need

Draw how you would like the cake to look before decorate it. This will give you an idea of exactly what it is you’ll be going for.

Frost your cake according to your specifications. Use royal icing, cream cheese or buttercream to help the pearls stick to the cake. If your frosting isn’t quite as sticky as you’d like it to be, you can make a small batch of frosting with a sticky substance (such as cream cheese, royal icing or buttercream) or purchase frosting used to decorate cakes and cookies at the grocery store. Place a little bit on each pearl to help it stick.

Add the pearls after you have frosted the cake. This will allow them to stick to the cake much more easily.

Place pearls around the base of each layer of the cake for a polished look.

Add pearls individually using small tongs in order to make sure that you do not disrupt the frosting with your fingers.

Place the pearls on the cake sparingly and in the correct pattern. Too many in one place that is not part of a pre-established pattern can look messy and disorganized.

Use edible pearls on a string, if you’re having difficulty placing them correctly. This will help ensure you have the proper space between each pearl.