With a little patience and preparation, you can create an elegant headpiece for your wedding as a cost-effective alternative to boutique wedding veils. Adding crystals to a veil is one way to achieve a one-of-a-kind look for your big day. It just takes a few steps to turn a ho-hum veil into a special wedding memento.

Things You'll Need

Visit a craft store to find your materials. Purchase crystals that have a hole in the center large enough to fit a needle through. Choose transparent thread that will seamlessly blend with the material of your veil. Be sure your needle is small enough to fit through your beads and a single strand of tulle on your veil.

Lay your veil on a flat surface and lay the crystal beads over it to determine their placement. Scattering the crystals may look more appealing than spacing them equally apart. Use tailor chalk to mark where you’d like to place each bead. Use the marks as your pattern.

Thread your needle by sliding the thread through the ‘eye’ and double knotting the thread directly at the head. Be sure that the 2nd knot is on top of the 1st knot instead of being knotted on top of the needle itself. Now in a horizontal direction, slide the tip of the needle through one strand of tulle. This intersection should create an X. This ensures that the strand will support the weight of the crystal when attached.

Drop a single bead down the needle allowing it to fall to the tulle. Tie a knot about 2 to 3 inches from the end of the thread. Slide the knot toward the hole in the crystal. Next, take the short end of the thread and pull it back through the hole in the crystal. Slide the needle through the hole of the bead so that both ends of the thread are coming out of the crystal at the opposite end.

Gently tug the loose ends so that the knot pops into the center of the crystal. Don’t pull too hard, as you only want the knot to go halfway into the center of the crystal. Use a pair of scissors to trim the loose ends of the thread to ensure that the crystal looks neat without any visible threads or knots showing. Continue steps 2 to 4 until you’ve completed your crystal pattern.


  • Practice your hand sewing skills on a piece of tulle similar to that of your veil beforehand.