Applying sunless tanner without getting streaks can be tricky. Everyone knows that going to the tanning bed is bad for your health, but how do you get a beautifully flawless tan at home? With the right technique, you can apply sunless tanner with salon quality results without messy streaks or blotches. If a gorgeous and even glow is your goal, follow these steps to achieve the tan skin of your dreams right from home!

Exfoliate your skin well! The key to an even sunless tanning experience is to have smooth, soft skin. Dead skin cells attract more pigment than healthy skin. When this happens, you end up with streaks and uneven color. So exfoliate well with a body scrub and a loofah in the shower prior to applying your sunless tanner.

Pick the right sunless tanning product for your skin. If you are naturally fair, don’t start out with a dark color. It’s better to apply more as needed than to have a color that is too dark for your skin and leaves streaks. The easiest way to get a faux tan is to use a gradual sunless tanner such as Jergens Natural Glow or Skin So Soft Satin Glow Moisturizer.

Apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream on extra dry spots like your knees and elbows prior to applying sunless tanner. This will keep the color from being too strong on rough areas and will help it to blend in with the rest of your skin.

When applying your tanner, use swift circular motions and not straight lines. Using a buffing motion when you apply sunless tanner helps it to blend in easier and will prevent zebra like color streaks from forming.

Be sure to wash your hands well after each application. Use a good soap and scrub your hands gently with a wash cloth. Failing to do this will leave you with orange palms!