Some say the eyes are windows to the soul, but permanent makeup professionals beg to differ. Think about it. Eyes hint at what a woman is thinking, but when she lifts an eyebrow in your direction, there’s no denying the message. Given the importance of this facial feature, it’s easy to understand why women who are missing eyebrows feel less confident. That’s why permanent makeup can make a huge difference in a woman’s life. Come to the aid of such women by mastering the art of permanent eyebrow makeup. You’ll have a hand at helping women feel and look beautiful again.

Things You'll Need

Sign up for training classes in permanent makeup application. Learn the ins and outs of hypo-allergic mineral pigmentation and how such treatments impact the skin’s dermal layer. Expect to pay around $900 for classes covering hygiene, preparation, ink mixing, application and design. Master techniques designed to maximize comfort and healing while minimizing the risk of infection.

Apply for a state license that will grant you the legal credential needed to perform permanent eyebrow makeup. Pass your state licensing boards if law requires this step. Consider buying insurance coverage to indemnify you from potential claims should a permanent eyebrow application go awry.

Set up a dedicated area to be used exclusively for permanent eyebrow application. Clean and sterilize supplies, equipment, needles and the environment before you start working on a client.

Study the skin tone and hair color of clients to determine natural pigmentation matches and then mix those inks in preparation for application. Consider mixing two shades of brow color to mimic the multitonal appearance of most eyebrows. Clean and prepare tattoo equipment and fill receptacles with ink. Place sterile towels around the eyebrow area to protect surrounding skin. Choose an eyebrow shape from reference photos or drawings or use a disposable template to outline the area that’s to receive the tattoo.

Use light pressure to gently apply strokes of ink to the brow area. Slowly apply light, irregular and angled lines to mirror the direction in which eyebrow hair grows. Refer to techniques such as the SofTap Hand Method Guide to understand how the right needles and quick strokes minimize discomfort and deliver a positive application experience.

Continue to apply pigment to one eyebrow area until the brow appears natural and finished. Thoroughly clean the area to reduce chances of infection before beginning the process anew on the second eye.

Advise your client to expect a slightly darker eyebrow for around three days while the site heals. Assure her that, on average, the area surrounding her new permanent eyebrows will be completely healed within five days of the treatment.