If you’ve woken up rested and refreshed, yet you still look like you didn’t get much rest, chances are you’re dealing with baggy eyes. Baggy eyes not only can make you look tired, they also can make you look older than you really are. Excessive bagginess underneath the eyes can be concealed with the right application of makeup. Despite being a temporary measure, it is the quickest way to hide baggy eyes from other eyes.

Things You'll Need

Select a concealer color to offset the appearance of baggy eyes. If the dark circles have a reddish cast, use a salmon-colored concealer.

Apply a foundation primer to the problem area before using the foundation and concealer. Place a small amount of primer on your finger and wipe it across the under-eye area.

Apply your foundation before applying the concealer. Failure to do so will cause the concealer to be wiped off by the foundation.

Hold the area taut to avoid wrinkles. Use a nylon concealer brush to apply a thin layer of light concealer in the crease below the puff. Afterward, apply a concealer that is one to two shades darker than the foundation. Blend the concealer into the under-eye area for the best results.


  • Choose the concealer type that is right for you. Liquid concealers provide a bright look, but crease easier than cream concealers. Stick concealers provide heavier coverage and are usually easier to apply.

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