Applying makeup for being outdoors can be tricky. Everything is magnified in natural, bright light. Every detail can be seen. It is best to try and look as natural as possible. Follow the tips below for applying makeup for outdoor settings.

Apply makeup sitting in front of a large window. Makeup can look very natural in the bathroom mirror, only to look way overdone once you step outside. Face the window completely, not to the side or to your back. This creates heavy shadows and makes it hard to see.

Use a sheer foundation. Apply it very lightly, and blend the edges very carefully. You may mix foundation with a bit of lotion or moisturizer to make it even more sheer. Heavy powder or matte bases look fake in outdoor lighting.

Use a cream or gel blush and eye shadow instead of the powder ones. The gel and cream colors blend into the skin more easily than harsh powders, which sit on top of the skin. Choose tones that are natural, such as peachy ones or very light mauves or beiges.

Blend eyeliner well. Apply a thin line lightly and carefully, staying very close to the lashes. Blend with your fingertip or a cotton swab to soften the lines.

Leave eyeliner to the top lid only. Lining the bottom lashes is dramatic and best left to indoor settings in less lighting or for evening.

Use only a gloss on the lips. If lipstick is a must, then keep shades neutral, selecting peachy tones or nude shades.