Being a redhead comes with its own set of beauty rules. Whether you’re a natural redhead or newly dyed, working with your unique coloring can sometimes be a challenge. When choosing any face, eye or lip makeup, work with your eye color as well as the shade of your hair. Start with light swipes of blush, eye shadow and lipstick and add layers as needed to avoid a harsh look. The right makeup enhances your fiery locks and lets your natural beauty shine.

Preparation and Foundation

Before applying makeup, be sure your skin is clean and hydrated with a light oil or tinted moisturizer. Start with a neutral face primer to help smooth and even-out skin. Then apply a foundation that best matches your skin tone. Mineral foundations are great for natural redheads since they tend to have fairer and thinner skin. Cover any red spots with a creamy concealer, but don’t try to hide your freckles. Use a liquid eye shadow primer on lids to remove any unsightly redness from the eye area. Then, prep lips with a light nude primer so light lip colors have the chance to stand out.

Cheeks and Brows

Eyebrows frame your face, so make sure you pluck and shape first. If you have strawberry blonde or light copper hair, fill-in brows with a dark blonde or light brown pencil for a natural look. Use a warm brown pencil or brow gel for bright or dark red hair. Don’t try to match your hair to your brows, especially if you’re not a natural redhead.

Create contrast between your hair and light skin with a rosy blush. Keep blush in the soft peach or berry family. Hot pink and coral don’t offer enough contrast to your hair and can end up looking muddy.

All Eyes

Only attempt black eyeliner if you have dark brown eyes, since it tends to look harsh on fairer redheads. Brown, navy or dark green liner lends a softer look to blue and green-eyed redheads.

Copper red or strawberry blonde hair looks best with gold or pale blue shadow if you have blue eyes, while green or lilac shadow is suited for green eyes.

The darker your hair, the more a deep eye color will pop. Go for an emerald green to make green or brown eyes sparkle with bright or dark red hair.

Despite popular belief, black mascara isn’t too harsh for any redhead, as long as it isn’t clumped on.

Luscious Lips

Since your lips are already prepped with primer, any gloss, lipstick or stain should have a neutral base. This way, a light pink gloss or lipstick will look perfect on a strawberry blonde or copper redhead. If you want to go bold with a bright red lip, just make sure it doesn’t make skin look pale. A true red works best on darker reds like auburn and plum red. Dark reds complement any shade of red hair because they offer enough contrast to both the skin and the hair. A bright, fuchsia pink adds warmth and sass to strawberry blondes of any eye color.