Getting older is a fact of life, but there’s no rule stating that you have to let your age show. Makeup, when applied properly, can be a great tool in maintaining a youthful, vibrant appearance. However, it’s important to choose the right products and apply them properly for the best result, as the wrong cosmetics can accentuate your age. Many cosmetics companies now offer products for mature skin, making it easier to choose something suited to the needs of older women.

Things You'll Need

Avoid powders. As the skin ages, it loses its youthful glow, according to the Makeup Geek website. Powder-based makeup settles into fine lines, absorbs oil and creates a dull, flat appearance. Skip pressed or loose powder and apply a coat of liquid foundation instead, focusing on areas that require extra coverage. Blend evenly with the fingers or a foundation brush. Also, smooth a dollop of cream blush onto the apples of the cheeks for a healthy rosiness that powders can’t match.

Add some moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and youthful looking, not dried out and aged. After applying liquid foundation, take your preferred brand of facial moisturizer and dab some onto a foundation brush, as suggested by Stylelist. Gently pat and blend the moisturizer into skin, giving it a boost of hydration and creating a healthy glow.

Give your eyes some youthful zing with the right makeup. Apply dark black mascara, avoiding clumps and grooming your lashes gently with a fine-toothed eyelash comb. The dark mascara makes the whites of the eyes look brighter and, therefore, younger. Fill in sparse eyebrows with eye shadow or brow powder and a small brush, gently sweeping it over the brows. Adding color to eyebrows makes them appear full and voluminous, which can make you look younger, according to makeup artist Bobbi Brown in “Allure.”

Use lip color wisely. With age, lips get smaller, but proper makeup and application techniques will keep them looking full. Skip dark, matte shades, which draw attention to small lips, choosing lighter shades to create an illusion of fullness. Line the lips for definition and blend with a small lip brush to keep makeup from settling into fine lines or bleeding.