Luminous powder, also known as luminizing powder, goes one step farther than just setting your makeup. The ground mica in luminous powder reflects light and gives a glow to your skin wherever you brush it on. Because it has a slightly pearlized look, a little luminous powder goes a long way. It’s an ideal choice for areas you want to highlight, such as cheekbones, eyelids and decolletage. If you want a sun-kissed glow, bronze luminous powder helps you achieve it without tanning.

Things You'll Need

Tap a small amount of loose luminous powder into the lid of the powder jar. If you are using pressed powder, open the compact. For luminous pearls, carefully open the tin and set the lid aside.

Swirl a medium-sized powder brush in the luminizing powder in the jar lid, getting a very light layer of powder on the brush. If you are using pressed powder or pearls, swirl the brush lightly on the surface.

Tap the brush against the side of the container or shake it a few times to remove any excess powder from the bristles.

Brush the powder with a light stroke over the areas you wish to highlight. Start with the cheekbones, browbones and the center of your forehead, brushing away from your nose rather than toward it. Apply a bit of powder on the tip of your chin and the area between your nose and upper lip for extra shine.

Look in the mirror from different angles in bright light and assess the amount of shimmer you’ve applied. If you want more, dust the powder over your whole face or on your neck, shoulders or cleavage. Always brush the powder on as lightly as possible to prevent your skin from looking shiny.