Eyeliners create the illusion of a thicker lash line and help make eyes pop. Liquid gel liners can be used for a simplified daytime look as well as an amped-up nighttime smoky cat eye. Gel liner lasts all day due to its thick, creamy consistency and quick drying time. It’s also less likely to flake like many traditional liquid eyeliners. Practice makes perfect, especially since gel liners will stay in place once the product hits your eyelid.

Things You'll Need

Apply a light eye primer to the entire eyelid using a small concealer brush. Sweep the product from the inside corner of the eye all the way across the lid to the outside corner and up into the crease. This product will help prepare the eyelid for all-day eyeliner wear and evenness.

Dip the angle brush into the pot of liquid gel liner very gently so that the bristles come away with a small amount of gel liner. Avoid overloading the brush.

Pull the outside corner of one eye taut with your hand so that you can more easily draw along the lash line in straight, smooth strokes.

Place the tip of the angle brush about two-thirds of the way in from the outer corner of your eyelid. Draw light, tiny dashes across the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Each dash will overlap with the others to create the effect of a single line. This technique is much easier than trying to draw a single smooth line all the way across the lash line.

Apply dashes along the lash line until you hit the outer corner of the eye. Draw a tiny flick that points directly toward the outer tip of your eyebrow and extends about 1/4 inch past where your eyelid ends. This technique helps lengthen out your lash line in a subtle way. For the evening, you can extend this flick out even farther and make it a slightly thicker line for a cat eye.

Trace back over the gel liner with your angle brush to smooth out any unevenness or to thicken up any areas that need to be adjusted.


  • Practice makes perfect. Play with the gel liner on an evening when you aren’t rushed. Experiment with the thickness of the liner and what works for your eye shape.

  • Apply different colors of liquid gel liners. For example, purples and teals are beautiful on most eye colors for a daring evening look. Brown gel liners are a slightly subtler way to play with the daytime look.