Liquid foundation is available in many different finishes, including light and dewy, a medium-weight satin for an even tone, and a heavier full coverage for bad skin days. But no matter what type of foundation you use, it is best applied with a brush for well-blended and even coverage. Of the many foundation brushes available, synthetic, flat-top models are best for working the liquid into the skin. They create a streak-free finish with minimal work required on your part, while minimizing the amount of product used.

Pour a nickel-sized amount of foundation onto the back of your hand. Starting with minimal product prevents your foundation from appearing heavy.

Dip your foundation brush into the product.

Place the brush in the center of your nose and drag it upward until you reach the center of your forehead. Bring it back to the center of your nose and drag it to the center of your right cheek. Repeat with your left cheek and chin.

Gently buff the foundation into your skin, using outward circular motions. Start in the center and work your way toward the hairline to prevent uneven patches.

Dip the brush into the foundation on the back of your hand again and sweep the product over any blemishes or visibly uneven areas. Skim the surface of your skin instead of pressing hard to avoid smudging the foundation you already applied.

Place the brush with the remaining foundation directly under your chin. Rotate the brush in downward circular motions toward your clavicle until you reach the center of your neck. This creates a natural finish without transforming the face into a visibly different shade than your neck.