Learning how to apply liquid foundation makeup is an essential step in a daily skincare and beauty routine. Select the right color and application tips to conceal flaws rather than enhance them. Follow these guidelines to expertly apply liquid foundation.

Things You'll Need

Prepare your skin with a thin layer of moisturizer geared toward your skin type. Use moisturizer with sunscreen added if you plan to spend time outdoors.

Choose the correct color of liquid foundation makeup for your skin tone. For example, people have a yellow undertone and benefit from a yellow cast in their foundation. Test the color on your jaw line rather than your finger or wrist.

Place a small dollop of liquid foundation on your finger. Applying foundation with fingers yields maximum coverage. Use your middle or ring finger, as your index finger doesn’t provide the deft touch of your nondominant fingers.

Work across your face in small areas. You must blend the foundation in each area before it dries. You can use a makeup sponge to spread the foundation, but the sponge can absorb a large amount of the foundation, wasting the product.

Use a makeup sponge to blend the liquid foundation makeup around your jaw line and hairline. You can use a synthetic sponge or a natural sponge, but you must start with a clean sponge every time.

Set the liquid foundation for all day wear. If you have oily skin, set the foundation with loose or pressed powder. If you have dry skin, set it with blotting tissues.