The beauty of liquid eye shadow is that, when applied, you can have a subtle smokey look to your eyes that appears almost natural. Dry eye shadow can cake and smear if you sweat, but liquid eye shadow stays in place because it’s already wet! Read this article and learn how to apply liquid eye shadow for a natural, exotic or elegant look.

Things You'll Need

Two types

Pick the liquid eye shadow that works best with your hair and skin tones.

Wet the applicator with a SMALL dab of water and then rub it lightly across the shadow of your choosing.

Rub lightly and smudge evenly across your lid from corner to corner. Stop at the brow bone. Most people begin with a darker shade for the eyelid.

Use a lighter color or no color at all for the brown bone and cover the part just underneath the bone. Do not put any shadow above the bone by your eyebrow.

Dust a very small amount of the lightest shade from the color family they are using (light gold, silver, pale brown etc.) in the corner of the eye closest to the nose. Dab the eye shadow on the top and bottom eye lids nearest the corner of the eye (about 1/8 inch in from the nose). This will give your eyes the illusion of larger size.


  • Be sure to overlap the layers of shadow so that you have a blended effect, not the illusion of stripes.