If you’ve ever left your house with a pair of beautifully glossed lips, only to have your lipstick migrate to your teeth, your cheeks, your chin or your clothes, learning the trick to applying “smudge-proof” lipstick may change your life — or at the very least, save you cash on your next trip to your dry cleaner. Smudge-proof lips will leave you feeling confident, glamorous and sexy all night long.

Things You'll Need

Line your lips with a lip liner of your choice. Make sure that you trace all the way around the edges of your natural lips. Draw a line slightly inside your natural lip line to make thick lips look thinner, or just outside of your natural lip line to make your lips look fuller. Use your lipliner pencil to fill in the lip color covering approximately half of your lip. This will make your lipstick color and lip liner look seamless when worn together.

Apply your lipstick, being careful not to apply outside of the lip liner. Blot your lips with a tissue, then reapply.

Dust a thin coating of rice powder or your usual face powder across your lips. Wait a minute or two for the powder to absorb any excess moisture.

Place your index finger inside your mouth. Slowly draw it out using a sucking motion with your lips, the same way you might “pop” out a lollipop. This will prevent any lipstick from getting on your teeth.

Apply lip gloss. Check in the mirror for any lip products that are out of place. Clean with a tissue as needed.


  • Try exfoliating your lips before lipstick application to rid your smile of any dry skin.