“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is something often said, but you can bring some of Sin City along with you by dressing as a traditional Las Vegas showgirl. You might choose this outrageous costume for a Halloween or other costume party simply for the fun of dressing in the slightly risque outfit, headpiece and wild, dramatic makeup. To create the iconic Vegas showgirl makeup, you need the right tools and makeup, patience and a bit of creativity.

Set the Stage

To create a showgirl’s look, having a good base is vital. Using a makeup sponge apply a face primer, concealer where needed, and over that a thick liquid foundation. To set face makeup, apply a powder foundation with a foundation brush.

Add Definition

Apply blush to cheeks with a blush brush, selecting a pink or peach blush for a fair complexion or a darker pink or plum blush for medium or dark complexions.

Some showgirls use bronzer to achieve more contour for the stage. If desired, apply bronzer to your temples, sides of your nose and under your jawline with a fan brush to define these areas.

Create Sparkling Peepers

Apply an eye primer all over eye lids. Select an eyeshadow palette that has plenty of glitter and flatters you. Black, silver and white tend to complement both dark and medium complexions, while brown, silver, gold and white generally flatter lighter complexions. If desired, you can also consider dramatic shades of blue, purple or red.

Apply the darkest eyeshadow to the eyelid crease with a firm eyeshadow brush. Sweep the lightest eyeshadow to inner eye corners and under the brow arch with a soft eyeshadow brush. Spread the other medium-toned shadow chosen all over the eye lid with a soft brush, ever so slightly blending with the darkest shadow.

Adding gems to the sides of your eyes and temples — glued down with eyelash glue — will give the costume even more Vegas sparkle.

Add Eye-Popping Glamour

For the fake eyelashes, take scissors and shape the fake lashes if necessary. To give them a good shape, angle the sides so they appear more natural and rounded like a half moon on the ends. Take eyelash glue and apply it directly onto where the eyelashes will need to stick onto your upper lash line. Hold the eyelash to your lash line while the glue sets for a minute.

Apply black liquid liner in a cat eye line on your upper lash line, sweeping it out slightly from your eye. Take a black pencil liner and outline the bottom lash line of the eye to make it pop more.

Outline brows’ shape in either black pencil liner — if you have a dark or medium complexion — or brown pencil liner, if you have a light complexion.

Pucker Up

Bright red lip color is typically what traditional Las Vegas showgirls use, but plum, bright pink and dark red lip colors may also be used. Dark red or plum flatter darker complexions, bright or dark red is works with medium complexions, and bright red or bright pink complement fair complexions. Outline lips with a lip liner pencil that matches your chosen lip color. Take a lip brush and smoothly and cleanly apply the lip color over your lips.