Winged eyeliner creates a sexy and timeless look when applied correctly. Liquid eyeliner is trickier to apply than the standard kohl liner. There are two types of liquid liner: a small pot of liner applied with an angled brush; and a pen-shaped applicator that contains the liner. While the winged look can be applied with a liquid or kohl liner, liquid liner will give a more flawless appearance. Applying the liner is a quick process. However, it takes a steady hand to create the dramatic look.

Things You'll Need

Apply an eye primer to the eyelid to help the liner stay on the lid longer. The primer will also help prevent the liner from smudging or sweating away. Eye primer is found at beauty stores or drugstores.

Line the upper lid with a liquid eyeliner pen or angled brush. Make a thin line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. The line should be as close to the lashes as possible. Do not extend the liner past the outer corner of the eye.

Place the liner pen or brush in the center of the eyeliner line, just above the center of the pupil, and follow the line to the outer corner of the eye. Slightly tilt the eyeliner pencil or brush upward to create the “wing” effect. There will be a slight gap between the first eyeliner line and the new “wing.”

Connect the end of the wing to the outer eye corner, and fill in the space with liquid liner. The wing can be as thick and extend out as far as you wish, but keep your hand steady as you apply the liner to prevent smudging.

Apply another thin layer of eyeliner over the existing line from the inner corner of the eye to the center of the pupil. This will thicken the liner slightly and make the eye look flawless.


  • Use a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover to fix any mistakes.

  • Do not use your finger to correct eye makeup. This may result in smudging.

  • Use a kohl liner to draw the look before lining the eyes with liquid liner.