When you apply a fingernail cuticle softener, you are taking care of an important part of your fingernail. Cuticles protect your nail base from bacteria getting underneath your fingernails and causing an infection. Softening your cuticles is an essential part of a proper manicure while it also helps to protect your health.

Things You'll Need

Put several inches of warm water into a small basin, tub or finger bowl.

Add a few drops of mild liquid soap and mix until the water is soapy.

Dab the cuticle softener onto the base of each nail making sure to cover the entire cuticle area completely.

Rub the cuticle softener into your cuticle area including the edge under your nail which is called the free edge.

Soak your fingertips in the warm soapy water for about 5 minutes.

Dry your fingers using a soft towel.

Remove the dry dead cuticles carefully using a cuticle nipper.


  • A natural cuticle softener that works well is olive oil.

  • Massaging the cuticle area promotes circulation.

  • Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to your fingernail soak. Lavender, jasmine, evening primrose or tea tree oils have a relaxing and calming scent.