When you’re going for a natural look, thickly applied eyeliner stands out like a sore thumb. While thick eyeliners and cat eyes have their place, sometimes you might want to wear eyeliner without actually looking like you are. After all, the original purpose of eyeliner was to make admirers think your eyelashes were naturally long and thick, not to be the star of the show.

Application Tips

The most critical step in applying eyeliner thinly is working with a sharp tip. If you choose to use liquid eyeliner, pick one that has a small felt tip applicator or thin bristles. If you opt for pencil eyeliner instead, sharpen the pencil to keep the point sharp. Use a magnifying mirror instead of a regular mirror so that you can see the line you’re drawing without having to make it thicker than you want.

Step 1

Use the point of your sharpened pencil or liquid eyeliner to make small dots as close to your lash line as possible. Make sure you’re using the very tip of the eyeliner. If it’s slanted, your end result will be thicker eyeliner.

Step 2

Connect the dots on your lash line by making small strokes in between each one, using the point of the eyeliner.

Step 3

Go over the line with the eyeliner until it’s continuous and smooth. Keep the tip of the eyeliner as close to your lash line as you can.