Applying eyeliner for a special photo requires a little more color than usual. Your regular daytime look needs a little extra help so you can look your best. The camera flash can reduce the makeup you wear by almost half, so it’s necessary to make up for that loss.

Things You'll Need

Select the type of eyeliner you want to use. Liquid eyeliner provides the most dramatic look but can be more difficult to apply correctly if you have an unsteady hand. A pencil is easier to use and can give you a softer look or you can achieve a soft look by using an angled eyeliner brush dipped in eye shadow.

Choose your eyeliner color. If you normally wear brown, feel free to move on to a darker color, like dark brown or black. Make sure your eyeliner color matches your mascara color for photos.

Apply your eyeliner choice to your top lid, just along the line of the eyelashes, from your inner crease to the outer crease. If you choose liquid eyeliner, apply a bit of eye shadow with your brush to soften the line. For a smokier look, try using a cotton swab to smudge the eyeliner.

Dot your lower eyelid with eyeliner just under the eyelashes. Smooth the line with either an eyeliner brush or cotton swab.


  • When choosing your eyeliner color and technique, consider the circumstances of your photo shoot, like the location and type of film. Experiment with different colors and different applications before your photo shoot until you find the one you like best.