Eyeliner, which has been used since ancient times, is one of the world’s most popular makeup products. Applying eyeliner correctly emphasizes the eyes, affects the appearance of eye shape and makes eyelashes look thicker when used with mascara, according to Eye Care Basics. Applying eyeliner can be tricky, especially for those with unsteady hands, but a few simple application tricks make the process less daunting.

Things You'll Need

Stand or sit in front of a well-light mirror. Eye Care Basics recommends sitting at a table or counter while applying eyeliner. Using the table to support the elbows helps ensure a straight line.

Draw a line from the inner corner of the top lid to the outer corner, staying as close as possible to the lash line. Making a thin dashed line creates a subtle, natural look, while a thicker line creates a bolder look, according to Seventeen.

Apply eyeliner to the lower lid as well for a more dramatic look. However, lining the lower lid can make eyes appear smaller in some cases, so Free Makeup Tips recommends skipping this step if your eyes are small or close-set.

Gently rub the lines with a cotton swab or makeup applicator sponge to slightly smudge the makeup. This will make the lines appear softer and better blend with your mascara and eye shadow.


  • If you find it difficult to draw a smooth even line, draw several smooth lines using long strokes and blend the lines together with a cotton swab.