Prepare your eyes for eye shadows by applying an eyelid primer. Keep your eye shadow crease-free and vibrant all day by dabbing on primer before you apply your eye makeup. Find eyelid primer at your favorite makeup counter or cosmetic retailer.

Buy a neutral eyelid primer that suits your skin type and color. Shop for primers made especially for oily skin to decrease eye shadow creasing during the day. To increase the intensity of your eye makeup, choose a light-colored eyelid primer for dark skin.

Clean your face, including your eyelids, before applying makeup. Use a gentle eye makeup remover to wipe your eyes clean at bedtime. Wipe your eyelids with makeup remover in the morning if any eye makeup remains. Wash off any remover residue.

Use your fingers or a cosmetic sponge to apply your eyelid primer. Clean your hands with soap and water before applying primer to prevent bacterial contamination. Keep your makeup germ-free by using a clean cosmetic sponge each time you use your eyelid primer.

Apply the eyelid primer gently. Start at the inner corner of your eye and move to the opposite end of your eyelid. Prime your entire eyelid up to your eyebrow.

Choose your eye shadows and begin to apply them over the eyelid primer.


  • Try using foundation or concealer if you are out of eyelid primer.