Eye makeup is a very important piece of your daily makeup. The way you apply eye makeup can change the whole look of your face, the balance and accentuation of your features, and even make you appear older or younger. If you have small or close-together eyes, these eye shadow application methods can also help widen and open up your eyes.

Things You'll Need

Apply a medium color, like brown, to your eye lid. Only apply the shadow up to the crease in your lid and down to your lash line. Apply the shadow lightly to your lower lash line.

Use a light, shimmery shadow along your brow bone. Pay particular attention to the area under your brow arch.

Sweep a darker shade of your base color, such as dark brown, along your lash line on top and bottom. Make the line a tiny bit wider from the outer corner of your eye to the edge of your iris. You can use dark liner or dark shadow to do this.

Apply white or very light, shimmery shadow or pencil to the inner corner of your eye. Start at the inner corner and draw up to where your lashes begin both on your upper and lower lash lines.

Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Don’t apply too much pressure or you may break or damage your lashes. Apply dark mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Apply the mascara to the entire length of your lashes on the top, outer corners of your eyes. For the rest of your lashes, only apply mascara a little beyond half the length of your eyelashes.


  • Don’t be afraid of bright colors or a bit of shimmer, no matter your age or style. Just remember to try things in moderation.

  • Makeup counter samples are perfect for trying new shades without wasting money.

  • If you’re not sure what colors will complement you, think of it this way: For fair skin, think ocean colors. For dark skin, think of sunset colors. If your skin has yellow undertones, think of jungle colors.