In addition to being the most common eye color in the world, brown eyes are also the most versatile. People with brown eyes can wear any shade of eyeshadow they like and still look beautiful while drawing attention to the deep and rich color of their eyes. Without any color restrictions to limit them, people with brown eyes can experiment with a variety of endless styles and looks for their eyes.

Things You'll Need

Apply concealer to your under-eye area to cover up dark circles. Warm the concealer cream between your fingers and blend evenly for the best coverage.

Sweep on the light peach eyeshadow from brow bone to lash line, filling in the entire eyelid. This serves as a base shadow, as well as brow highlighter. This light shade will make your rich brown eyes pop.

Choose any color eyeshadow you like from the eyeshadow palette since your brown eyes will be flattered by nearly every shade. It can be a color that matches your mood or outfit for that particular day.

Sweep the eyeshadow in your chosen color over your entire eyelid, avoiding the brow bone. Remember that for brown eyes, any color will look good, but some popular options include purple, deep green, copper and bronze.

Tilt your head back to reveal the crease of your eyes. Take the darker eyeshadow and use it to line your eyes by sweeping the shadow as close to your lash line as possible. Lining your brown eyes with a darker shadow will make them stand out and look bigger.


  • Finish off your look with a few coats of mascara.
    Get dramatic with false eyelashes.