Eye makeup plays a key role in your makeup look and without it, your eyes can appear small and less vibrant. Unfortunately, many women do not know which eye makeup is right for them or how to apply it. Learning how to put on eye makeup attractively will make you feel more confident in social situations. Plain instructions will teach you which order to put on your makeup to get the best possible look.

Things You'll Need

Apply makeup to your entire face, or just your eyelids if you’re just making up your eyes. Dampen a makeup sponge with some liquid makeup and apply it to your eyelids.

Brush your eyebrows upwards. Then smooth them down with your eyebrow brush.

Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Pull the lever on the curler, opening the eyelash curler. Slide the curler over your lashes and give them a gentle squeeze. Do not squeeze your skin. Do this for both eyes.

Apply eye primer to your eyelid. Eye primer holds makeup in place and makes eyeshadow colors appear more vibrant.

Pick your eyeshadow colors. Choose three colors, a highlighter, a midtone and an accent color.

Use a soft bristled eyeshadow brush to apply the highlighter color to your entire eyelid. Do this by sweeping the brush over the eye area in a circular motion.

Sweep the midtone color on the bottom lid using a soft eyeshadow brush. Start at the corner of the eye and sweep to the outer edge.

Use an angled eyeshadow brush to add the accent or darkest color to the crease of the eye. The eye crease is where the curve of your eye socket is. Apply the dark color sparingly to the area, a little at a time. It is easier to add more than blot out too much shadow.

Blend the colors by swirling the soft tipped eyeshadow brush around the eyelid in small circles. A few circles should be enough to blend without distorting the color combination.

Apply eyeliner to the top of the lash line. Start at the outside of the eye and draw to the center of the eyelash. Then draw from the inner eye to the middle joining the two lines. Do this for both eyes.

Blend the two lines together with the tip of a sponge tip applicator.

Apply mascara to make your lashes stand out. First, touch the tips of lashes with your mascara wand. Then lay the mascara wand flush against your lashes and sweep the brush up, giving the lashes some thickness. Repeat on both eyes.

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