This article talks about how to apply eye makeup for a normal day look.

Things You'll Need

Before you apply eye makeup, be sure to apply some foundation to your skin. For a basic normal day look, you don’t have to use liquid foundation for maximum coverage.

Use your brow pencil before you apply eye makeup. Eyebrows are very important to the entire look. Eyebrow pencil should be one shade lighter than you hair unless you have blonde hair, in that case your eyebrows should be slightly darker than your hair.

You should apply eye makeup starting with a under eye concealer. It will hide your dark cycles even if you don’t realize you have them.

The next step is to apply an eye base or primer; it will hold your eye makeup for many hours. This is the key to long lasting beautiful eye makeup. If you are unfamiliar with eye primer, see link below for a very good eye primer from Bare Escentuals.

For applying eye makeup for a normal day look, you can skip the eye shadow. If you must use eye shadow, use neutral colors such as brown and other earth tones.

Apply eye makeup with an eye liner. It is important to use brown for a day look. Line your upper eyes and get as close as possible to your eyelashes. And do the same for bottom eyes lightly. Use a Q-tip to smear out any hard edges. Don’t smear too much, you don’t want to create a smoky eye look for the day.

Apply eye makeup with a highlighter for the inner corner of your eye. The highlighter needs to have shimmer and can be pretty much any color.

Curl your eyelashes. For eye makeup, your eyelashes are VERY important. It will make your eyes look much prettier.

Apply eye makeup with brown mascara. Don’t use black mascara; it will make your eyes look too dramatic for the day.