There is some debate over whether to apply concealer or foundation first, and how to use both effectively. The truth is that if it works for you, achieves the desired effect, and looks good, then it doesn’t matter how you put your makeup on. If you apply your foundation first, and then your concealer, here are some helpful tips for getting that flawless finish.

Arm yourself with a good quality set of makeup applicator brushes, especially for applying your foundation and concealer. Every woman should invest in a pack of makeup sponges, a concealer brush, a concealer sponge brush, a blending brush for foundation and one for blush, and a fluffy powder brush.

Buy the right concealer and foundation for your skin. Foundation should blend seamlessly into your jaw line without being visible, and concealer should match your skin or be just one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Apply color correcting green concealer under foundation to conceal blemishes if needed, and then apply foundation.

Use liquid or stick concealer with a sponge or bristle brush. Pour a small amount on the back of your hand and then work some of it into the brush. Then, start under the eyes with a yellow or peach toned concealer to hide under-eye darkness and rings.

Dab or pat the concealer on your skin; never wipe or rub or you could damage your skin. Using too much pressure also keeps the product from being evenly distributed over your skin and can wipe your foundation and concealer right off as you apply it.

Put concealer on sparingly over foundation, and blend well. Feather your brush strokes out around area you have applied concealer to get a smooth and even finish.

Finish with a sweep of translucent powder to set the makeup if necessary, but be careful to avoid a cakey or “fake” looking finish. If you find your foundation looks too thick, thin it out by mixing it with a little moisturizer before you apply, or skip it all together and just use concealer.