Coconut oil is a natural remedy known for its health and beauty benefits. It can be used in its purest form to alleviate dry skin or moisturize dull hair. Coconut oil also makes a good massage oil and won’t irritate your skin or scalp as it contains no artificial additives or harsh chemicals. You can purchase pure coconut oil at a health food store or in your grocery’s organic food section. It’s relatively inexpensive, especially considering it has multiple functions as a beauty aid.

Things You'll Need

Applying Coconut Oil To Your Skin

Ensure skin is clean and dry. If you are applying the oil to your face, remove any makeup by washing with mild soap and water. Dry your face thoroughly.

Apply the coconut oil to all desired areas of the skin. Rub it in to your skin completely, just as you would any other body or face lotion. If you apply the coconut oil to your face, take care to avoid getting it into your eyes.

Repeat as needed to moisturize dry skin. Coconut oil can be applied daily or several times daily, if desired.

Applying Coconut Oil To Your Hair as Conditioner

Shampoo your hair as you normally would. Rinse hair completely.

Apply a liberal amount of coconut oil to your wet hair, massaging it in from roots to tips as you would any other conditioner.

Rinse the oil completely from your hair. Dry hair and style as usual.

Applying Coconut Oil To Your Hair as a Leave-In Treatment

Apply coconut oil directly to your hair, combing it through from roots to ends. Hair may be dry or wet.

Put a plastic shower cap over your coated hair to prevent coconut oil from getting on clothing, furniture, or sheets and allow it to stay on your hair as long as you like. Some people prefer to sleep with the treatment on their hair.

Remove the shower cap and wash the coconut oil from your hair using shampoo and warm water when you are ready. Style hair as usual, and repeat as desired to moisturize and add shine to dull locks.


  • Coconut oil is said to have many benefits to skin and hair. Use it in place of facial moisturizers, night cream, massage oil or apply a little to the ends of dry, styled hair to add shine and combat frizz.