BB cream is a multi-functioning cosmetic that acts as a foundation, concealer and primer all in one. Not only does it help to even out skintone, but it will also hydrate skin and offer UV protection from the sun. Some formulas can even help fight blemishes. However, don’t just grab the jar and start slathering it on your face. Apply it properly to reap all the benefits of this all-in-one beauty product.

Things You'll Need

Put a pea-sized amount of BB cream onto the top of your non-dominant hand. Use one finger from your dominant hand to apply one dot of the cream to any problem areas like under your eyes or where you have a blemish.

Pat the dots with your fingers to spread the cream and then rub gently using a circular motion to blend it in.

Dip a foundation brush into the cream on your hand. Use small strokes with the brush to evenly distribute the BB cream over your entire face. Run the brush along your jaw line to blend it in with the skin on your neck.

Pat any uneven spots of BB cream with your fingers to thoroughly blend it into your skin. Wait a few seconds, allowing it to soak in. If necessary, apply a second coat to your face with the foundation brush, blending it in as you apply it.

Dust setting powder across your face after the final coat of BB cream. This will help the product stay on your skin longer and reduce shine.


  • You can also wear foundation on top of BB cream if desired. Apply the BB cream and then pat foundation onto your face. Keep in mind if you’re using both products together that you won’t need as much foundation because the BB cream has already provided some coverage.