bareMinerals formulates mineral makeup intended to protect and nourish your skin throughout the day. Their most popular product is the mineral foundation, which contains SPF 15 sun protection and melts into a cream-like consistency once applied. It creates a luminous finish and encourages cell turnover for all skin types. Mineral makeup requires a different application process than the standard cream or powder offerings. Use bareMinerals makeup for a full face of makeup or just a hint of coverage with the right techniques.

Face Preparation

Mineral makeup sits best on skin that is nourished. For dry skin, massage a quarter-sized amount of moisturizer into damp skin using upwards circular motions. This will prevent the makeup from flaking. If you have oily skin, opt instead for an oil-free primer to smooth over pores and prevent the makeup from slipping off throughout the day. Allow the product to sink in for 10 minutes so that skin is completely dry before applying makeup.

Makeup Brushes

The brushes required vary depending on the level of coverage that you wish to achieve. For light to medium coverage, choose a flat foundation brush such as the bareMinerals Flawless Application Brush. This will blur imperfections without feeling too heavy on the skin. Choose a flat-topped brush like the bareMinerals Handy Buki Brush for full coverage. This coats the skin in a thicker layer of product for an airbrushed finish. To cover only small areas such as dark marks and blemishes, use a small pointed concealer brush like the Maximum Cover Concealer Brush.

Foundation Application

bareMinerals foundation requires the same application technique for light and full coverage, with the brush type making the difference. Pour foundation into the product lid and swirl the brush in the powder until coated. Tap the brush on the edge of the lid three times to remove excess product. Work the foundation into your skin, starting from the outer edges and moving towards the center of your face in small circular motions. Repeat until you achieve your desired level of coverage.

Concealer and Powder

Finish off your look by completely concealing uneven tone and setting the foundation for longer wear. Dip a pointed concealer brush into the foundation and gently pat it over any blemishes, dark circles or hyperpigmentation. This can also be done without a full face of foundation for a quick and natural look. Dip a fluffy powder brush into the bareMinerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder and tap off any excess. Press the brush over your t-zone to keep oiliness at bay throughout the day.