Getting your acrylic or gel nails done professionally at a salon is not only expensive, but can take up a lot of your time too, since gel nails take about one hour to apply. Fortunately, All Season Professionals have developed a line of do-it-yourself gel nails that do not require any special equipment or aesthetical training to apply. The kit comes with artificial nails, glue and the light-less gel coating to put on top of the nails, giving them an extra hard finish.

Things You'll Need

Clean the nails of any polish using a cotton swab and some nail polish remover. The nails are see-through and it is important to give the glue a clean surface to adhere to.

Select an appropriate sized nail for the finger you are working on and place a few small droplets onto the underside of the nail. Press the nail onto the finger firmly for about 20 seconds allowing the glue to bond it directly to the surface of the nail. Repeat this process for all remaining fingers. If you already have nice nails, you can skip this step and just put on the hardening gel coat.

File the nails to the appropriate size and shape using the nail file provided in the kit.

Insert the applicator tip into the gel bottle and place a small strip of the gel coating in the center of the nail. Use a small brush to spread the coating evenly over each nail.

Insert the spray bottle top into the bottle of gel curing solution. Spray the nails with the curing solution to help the gel harden and dry properly.