Women around the world wear makeup in very different ways and in different styles. Arabic eye makeup is meant to create a dark, sensual look. Pick eye shadow in jewel tones of gold, blues, purples and yellow shades and liquid eyeliner in black or dark gray to create Arabic eye makeup. Creating this look may take several tries, so be patient and experiment until you achieve the desired effect.

Things You'll Need

Pick the lightest shade of eye shadow and apply it to the entire eyelid as a base color.

Apply a bold, darker color to the crease of the eyelid, such as purple or blue.

Sweep a metallic yellow or gold eye shadow at the top of the upper eyelid and on the inner corner of the eye.

Line the top eyelid with black eyeliner. Create a thick line across the eye to the outside corner of the eye.

Swoop the eyeliner in an upward angle at the outside edge of the eye to create a wing shape.

Apply a thick coat of mascara to the lashes.

Repeat steps 1 through 6 to the other eye to complete your Arabic eye makeup.