Arabian makeup is best know for its dramatic emphasis on eyes and lips. This particular makeup style consists of dark and dramatic eyes, bronzer and bold lip colors. While many individuals believe that the goal of wearing makeup is to subtly emphasize your features, Arabian makeup takes a much bolder approach. A good example of an Arabian princess whose makeup depicts this style is Jasmine in the Disney movie “Aladdin”. She sports bold eye makeup and a reddish-colored lipstick.

Things You'll Need

Apply foundation. Prior to putting on your eye makeup, you should always put on foundation. This creates an even palette for you to work with which optimizes your eye makeup application. Since you are working with bold colors, you are going to want a foundation color darker then your original shade or you can use a bronzer to give your skin a warm glow. Using a bronzer is the easier method of the two.

Apply eye shadow base. In order to ensure that your eye makeup retains its bold color, it is important to apply an eye shadow base. MAC Paint Pots are great as an eye shadow base, or you can use a cream concealer. Apply the base with your finger or a brush.

Apply eye shadow. You are going to use at least two colors to create this look. You need a medium-toned shadow and a dark-toned shadow. You can also use a light-colored shadow if you choose to. The light shadow will be used to highlight your brow bone, and the medium-toned eye shadow will be used as an all-over color on your eyelid. The darker color is used for contouring. You will apply this shade in the crease of your eye. Remember to blend so you don’t have any harsh lines.

Line your eyes. Once your eye shadow is complete, it’s time to line your eyes. Using a black pencil, line both your upper and lower eyelid.

Create a smokey look. Using your smudge brush, you are going to smoke out the eyeliner. Gently smudge the eyeliner so that it appears smokey. If you feel the eyeliner isn’t bold enough, repeat Step 4. Complete by applying a coat of mascara.

Apply lipstick. Once your face makeup is complete, it’s time for the final touch. Apply a deep-colored lipstick. You can use either a burnt red or brownish mauve. You want to stick with warm tones. Once you have a applied your lipstick your look is complete. Enjoy your new look!


  • Curl your eyelashes before you apply your mascara. This will really open your eyes up and create the illusion of a larger eye.