The beauties of the ’70s were tan, athletic and natural. Thanks to the rise of the feminist movement, women wanted to appear as unadorned as possible. By day, women may have been as strong and capable as TV heroine Wonder Woman, but at night, their makeup told a different tale of decadence and indulgence.

Things You'll Need

1970s Daytime Makeup

Begin with clean skin. For foundation, use a very light formula, such as liquid or even a tinted moisturizer. You want your skin tone to appear even, but as though you aren’t wearing any makeup.

Keep eyebrows natural. Brush eyebrows with a disposable mascara wand and stroke on a brow tamer to keep them neat.

Apply clear mascara or one in dark brown or soft black, depending on your natural coloring. Your goal is to lightly define your eyes, not make them stand out. You can coat only your top lashes or include your bottom ones as well, as long as you keep the application light.

Rim your inner lower lash lines with white eye pencil.

Use an oversize fluffy brush to apply bronzer on your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, your chin, jawline and hairline. Blend away any hard or definite edges with a makeup sponge so you appear to have just walked in from playing in the sun. Select your bronzer’s degree of darkness based on your natural coloring–about two notches darker than your skin tone is ideal to maintain a natural look.

Apply a lip balm the color of your lips.

1970s Evening Makeup

Apply makeup primer on eyelids.

Apply a pearlescent medium shade from lash line to crease. On your crease and the outer edges of your upper eyelid, apply the darkest. On browbones and inner corners of eyes, smooth on the lightest. Blend edges of the colors together to fade any hard lines.

Lengthen and thicken eyelashes with mascara. If you like, wear false eyelashes that are long and fine, like an exaggerated version of natural lashes, as compared with the overly spiky ones in the 1960s.

Run a white eye pencil along the inner rims of your lower lashes.

Rub a gel blush into the apples of your cheeks. Pick a tone that is an exaggerated version of your natural blush, like a vibrant peach or raspberry stain. Blend well so the color has no definite edges but you appear flushed, almost as though you have a fever. If you wish, rub some shimmery highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones as well.

Apply a glossy lipstick of the same primary tone as your blush. Deep, vibrant jewel tones are tantamount to getting that ’70s disco look. Apply clear gloss on top for higher shine wattage.


  • Particularly for the daytime look, your hair and clothes primarily will make you look like a 1970s personality. Research the clothing and hairstyles from the era that most suit you to complete your look.

  • Pick three highly pigmented shadows for eyes in exotic and bold colors for nighttime: one light and shimmery; one medium-toned; and one darker than the others. They can be different tones of the same shade, such as baby blue, blue-gray and navy, or different colors that work together well.

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