Dr. Scholl’s makes a series of footwear for men and women. Among these are a range of sandals that use a variety of buckles and adjustment straps. Adjusting these straps and buckles lets you make the shoe or sandal snug to your foot, reducing blisters and foot pain. The adjustments are done based on the buckle on your Dr. Scholl’s shoes.

Slip your feet into the Dr. Scholl’s sandals or shoes with buckles. Make sure the straps and buckles are loose before stepping into the shoe.

For toe-strap buckles (particularly on women’s sandals), pull the buckle strap out from the buckle until the strap hole aligns to the buckle clip. Pull until the hole that fits your foot is reached. Clip the buckle into the hole.

Push the black tab up on rear-buckle Dr. Scholl’s flats and shoes. Pull the strap through the buckle until the heal is snug against the Achilles. Snap the black tab down to lock the buckle and strap into position.

Slide your feet into the leather-strap woven-style sandals (for men), and slide the Velcro strap through the buckle loop. Pull the Velcro back and down to marry it to the Velcro enclosure strap. Tighten to keep the strap on the foot.