The secret to a healthy, radiant glow is a dewy complexion. No, you don’t have to slave away at the gym to make your cheeks flush and your skin glisten. (Although, that works too.) Overhaul your makeup routine to include a daily moisturizer, shimmery primer and reflective cosmetics to give your skin a youthful, fresh-from-a-yoga-class shine.

Things You'll Need

Wash your face with a moisturizing facial scrub. Clear away any pore clogging dirt so you can work with a fresh, clean face. Pat the skin dry with a soft towel.

Apply an illuminating facial primer over the entire face to hide imperfections and create a luminous base. Choose a product with a pearl color or added sheen to get a dewy glow.

Use a tinted facial moisturizer over the primer. This gives the skin color, while allowing the sheen of the primer to show through.

Wear shimmery eyeshadow tones. Look for hues of gold, taupe and pearl to add a natural glimmer to the eyes.

Swap out powdered blushes for a cream variety. These moist cosmetics give the skin a hydrated, colorful glow.

Flaunt dark tones of lipstick or lip tint. Choose varieties with a high gloss finish or added silver flecks. Or, use a dab of petroleum-jelly based lip gloss as a finishing layer on top of a favorite matte lipstick.


  • Get a natural glow by eating a healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (found in oily fish, nuts and flax seeds) and skin nourishing antioxidants such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

  • If your makeup comes out looking too moist, use a light dusting of translucent facial powder over your nose, cheeks and forehead to tone it down.