If you’re a woman working in a profession that requires a business suit each day, you might wonder how you can let your personality shine amidst all that humdrum gray and black apparel. The answer for women who yearn to express their individuality is accessories. You can make five suits into 20 outfits with the right combination of accessories.

Things You'll Need

Wear shoes in a color that contrasts a simple black or charcoal gray suit. Although green or purple shoes sound garish, you can carry off this look if the colors are deep jewel tones, rather than vivid colors.

Don a necklace or bracelet featuring chunky beads. If your suit is gunmetal gray, look for complementary beads in metallic colors. Wooden beads marry nicely with suits in earthen tones.

Carry a structured handbag that complements the season of your wardrobe. Rich brown and black leather bags are fall and winter classics. Although a straw handbag may seem too casual to carry with a business suit, you can select a leather handbag with straw accents for summer.

Invest in a pair of pearl or diamond stud earrings from a trusted jeweler. Although you can wear bold jewelry with a women’s suit, over-sized or dangling earrings look silly with business attire.

Add a scarf with an unusual pattern to your business suit. A fine silk scarf is the women’s equivalent of a tie, in that it can lend dozens of variations to one simple black or navy suit.

Consider hosiery with a subtle pattern, or even fishnet hose in neutral tones. This daring look is best for women in artistic professions, such as fashion or theater, where norms are relaxed.


  • Save your jewelry that makes tinkling noises for happy hour. Jangling bracelets can unnerve colleagues.