Chocolate brown is a universally flattering color that you can treat as a neutral in any outfit. Accessorize your chocolate brown satin dress with colorful additions that play up your eye color or draw attention to a certain feature you want to highlight. Take your dress from day to night with a simple accessory switch.

Things You'll Need

Belt it. Adding a belt to your chocolate brown dress can instantly make you look more put-together, while emphasizing your waist — the narrowest part of your upper body. Natural fabrics and materials, like rattan or rope, make sophisticated statements when used in belts. Don’t be afraid to mix neutrals, either. Taupe, white and camel all complement chocolate brown.

Wear a scarf. Scarves are an easy and often inexpensive way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit. Almost any color scarf will flatter a brown dress, but colors like turquoise, green, orange, yellow and pink go particularly well with chocolate brown. Choose a scarf that matches your eye color to bring them out in contrast to the neutral brown of your dress. Try knotting your scarf in different ways around your neck to achieve a unique look every time.

Add chunky jewelry. A long, double-stranded statement necklace will instantly dress up your chocolate brown dress. Look for colorful glass beads strung on ribbon or satin rope to complement the material of the dress. Pair a necklace with a set of different-colored bangles or a pair of dangling earrings, but remember not to overdo it — too many accessories can make you look busy and unkempt.

Take your dress from day to night with a simple shoe switch. Neutral ballet flats make a brown satin dress perfect for a day at the office. Swap them out after 5 o’clock for a bright pair of heels in a jewel tone, and you’re ready for a night out.

Dare to wear black with brown. This old fashion taboo is slowly becoming obsolete. While black shoes may not be your best bet with a brown dress, don’t shy away from black accents just because black and brown aren’t supposed to mix. A black leather handbag will go with anything, including your brown dress. Look for shoes and bags that mix black or brown leather with brown or black detailing so that the look is less jarring.