Eye color can be a woman’s best and most unique attribute, capable of calling attention from all other parts of the body. From deep blues to bright, bold greens to dark, rich chestnut brown, eye color is unique to each woman, as no two are really the same. The best way to play up these dazzlers is by choosing complementing colors in wardrobe and accessories.

Hair Color

The first thing to consider when accentuating eye color is the closest element to your eyes that rarely changes, which is hair color. For example, it’s commonly agreed that green eyes are best suited for warmer hair colors, like reds and ambers. Even if brown is the natural hue of your hair, a quick trip to the salon can bring out warmer highlights and cause those greens to really pop. Blue eyes are often seen paired with blonde hair, which is nice, but consider darkening to a rich chestnut color, as those baby blues will get all the attention.


The next step in bringing out eyes also involves the hair. Since it’s closest to your eyes, hair plays an integral role in how eyes are presented. This time bangs are at the forefront of the mind when looking to draw attention to eyes. Visually, bangs direct eyes of onlookers right to the eyes and can create a dramatic aesthetic centered on beautiful eyes. Any hair length can also support bangs. From pixie to long locks, bangs will frame eyes perfectly.

Clothing Colors

When looking to complement eye colors, consider the colors you put around your eyes in terms of garments. Certain colors complement and exaggerate other colors. This is also true for eye colors. For blue eyes, darker colors like black contrast light-colored eyes, but rosier hues also bring out blues nicely. For green eyes, other brightening colors like turquoise and emerald green will do the trick. And brown-eyed girls can look to rich burgundy and forest greens.


A finishing touch can be all that’s needed in highlighting beautiful eyes. Eye shadows, rosy cheeks and the right lip color all play vital roles in creating a palette suited for specific eye colors. Blue eyes are generally paired with fairer skin tones, making lighter, more subtle eye shadow shades appropriate in order not to overwhelm the face. Brown eyes look best paired with creamy, neutral blushes and rich, brown eye shadows, making your eyes look larger and more dramatic. Pair these with a punchy red lip, all eyes will be on your eyes.

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