Brown eyes are a warm, intense, dramatic and enviable trait. The key to working your chocolate-hued eyes is pairing them with the right makeup, which will enhance their natural beauty and make them pop. Keep your brown eyes looking fresh and standing out by keeping a few quality tips in mind.

Things You'll Need

Put a pea-sized amount of eye makeup primer into the palm of your hand, dab a small amount with your pinky finger and begin dabbing it across clean eyelids. Redip your pinky as needed until both eyelids have an even layer. Wait five minutes to allow it to set.

Apply navy eyeliner, keeping the line slightly thicker in the outer corners and tapering off as you go inward. Hold your eye taut slightly, and draw the line as close to the upper lash line as possible working from the outer corner in. Repeat with the bottom lash line. Navy is a good color for brown eyes, as it is not as intense as black or brown against brown eye colors.

Select a basic, neutral base for the lids. Stick with shades in beige, taupe or tan colors that will blend well but still highlight. Sweep the shade across your lid with an eye-shadow applicator or brush from the crease to the lash line.

Dab a highlighting shadow brush or applicator into copper-toned shadow, and then blow on the end of the brush or applicator lightly. Sweep shadow from the inside corner out in the crease line only. A warm golden or copper tone pops against brown eyes and highlights the golden undertones found in darker brown eyes.

Stare straight ahead and place the eyelash curler atop your eye, wiggling your lashes in between the prongs of the curler. Gently clamp down, not too tight, to curl and repeat with your other eye. No matter the color, curling your lashes will bring out any eyes.

Apply a coat of dark navy or purple mascara to your top and bottom lashes. It’s easiest to carefully hold the mascara brush in front of your eye and run it up through lashes and then blink your lashes through. Dark navy or purple provide a dark frame without appearing like you have a pitch black circle around your brown eyes.


  • This is a basic method for accenting your brown eyes that can be used for both day and night. For daytime, pair with a natural lip color and blush. Transition to night by adding a dramatic lip shade and experimenting with different base shades.

  • Always wash off eye makeup at night before bed. Leaving makeup on overnight can cause breakouts, wrinkles and even eye infections. Remove with oil-based eye makeup remover and cotton balls.