Tuxedo pants are the new hot thing for women who favor menswear-inspired fashion. As with the other pieces in this category, the key is to achieve masculine and boxy, but still profile the feminine form. The tapered tux pant is solving that conundrum by offering a style that is reminiscent of a man’s but with strong feminine appeal. The proper fit depends on the style — super slim, tapered trouser or texured.

Tuxedo Pants for Day

Tuxedo pants aren’t just for black-tie affairs. The tapered tuxedo jean style is a sexy and eye-catching look to wear to the office or to any daytime activity. Try this fashion piece in the traditional black with a white stripe or other neutral variations such as white or beige with a black stripe. Wear them with sleek, black pointed pumps and a black blouse. These cropped, ankle-length pants should fit snugly in the leg and have enough room for your hands to easily slide into the side-slant pockets. Tuxedo leggings are an even more casual approach to the tux pants trend and look better on fewer figures — primarily rectangular, hourglass or petite body types. The best fit for leggings is also cropped — ankle length — but much tighter than the jean style tux because this style doesn’t have pockets. The super tight fit of the leggings requires an extra long blouse or a long boyfriend-cut black blazer layered over a standard-length blouse.

Tuxedo Pants for Evening

More women are giving their little black dresses a night off and opting for a chic tuxedo trouser instead, tapered tight at the leg and in varying material from satin to wool blends. A tuxedo trouser should fit looser around the hips and waist then their skinny pant counterpart, but still slim throughout the leg. A satin tuxedo trouser with a white or gray stripe that ends in either elastic or bow-ties around the ankle is a picture-perfect way to try this trend. Regardless of your figure type — apple, pear or rectangular — you’ll look more like an hourglass in a properly fitting, high-waisted black trouser tuxedo pant. A proper fit cinches at the waist, has room around the pockets and tapers down to a tight ankle fit. Add a sheer bow-neck blouse for an elegant and updated take on the traditional tux.

Textured and Tapered Tuxedo Pants

For an added element of surprise, look for a textured spin on the traditional tuxedo pant. Wear a black tapered tuxedo pant in an easy fit with a slim, cropped leg accented with a stripe of lace, sequins or a sassy print stripe. The textured detailing will mean that the fabric doesn’t stretch like cotton blends will, so be sure not to fit this pant too snug; tux shapes are meant to be loose at the hips. This luxe spin on the tuxedo pant pairs perfectly with a classic pump and a tailored blouse in any light neutral — gray, cream, white or nude.

Accessorizing a Tapered Tux Pant

Keep it classic when you’re accessorizing your sexy tapered tuxedo pants for evening wear. Accessorize dressy tux pants with blazers and pumps — patent leather or suede — peep-toe and open-toe sandals. Tuxedo-stripe denim for day wear can withstand everything from edgy leather jackets and combat boots to a trench-style jacket and lace-up Oxfords. Thanks to all these trending fits, cuts and styles, the tuxedo trouser has never seen so much play.