How Should a Woman Walk Up Stairs With a Long Dress?

By Deborah Jones

Nothing looks more elegant than a woman in a beautiful long dress. And nothing can ruin the effect more quickly than a clumsy or hunched-over scramble to get up a flight of stairs. Long dresses suit many occasions, such as weddings, formal dinner dances and even just evenings out. Learning how to navigate the stairs and still look serene and poised takes a little practice, but it is well worth the effort to present an image of class and sophistication.

Elegant long dresses call for elegant posture.

Step 1

Bend your knees slightly and take hold of the dress fabric just above the knee. Lift the fabric a couple of inches so that the hem of the long dress is just above your ankles. If the skirt of the dress is very full, use both hands to grip the material on either side of the skirt.

Step 2

Keep your back straight, with your shoulders back and your head held up. Avoid bending forward to look at your feet on the stairs. Your eyes can take note of the stairs in front of you to warn you of any obstacles, bends in the stairs or changes in either height or width of the tread.

Step 3

Place your whole foot, not just the toe, on the stair in front of you, keeping your weight on the back foot and holding the long dress fabric at ankle height. Move your weight onto the front foot and step up onto the higher stair. If the stairs are too narrow to allow you to place your foot straight on, turn your foot to the side until you can fit the length of your foot on the stair.

Step 4

Go slowly until you are more confident, remembering to hold your head up and your back straight.