Green coffee beans are raw coffee beans before they are roasted. Many avid coffee drinkers prefer using green coffee beans for the freshest coffee available or to make their own custom blends


Green coffee beans appear light brown or green in color, and do not have the characteristic coffee taste that develops after roasting.


Green coffee beans mainly come from high grade Arabica beans grown in various countries around the world. The growing location influences the flavor, so high-altitude coffee beans, like Jamaican Blue Mountain, cost more.


Store green coffee beans away from moisture in a breathable paper or fabric bag for up to six months. Buy beans from a reputable source to avoid buying old or stale coffee beans.


Green coffee is less expensive than ground or roast coffee, but requires roasting at home. Use a small batch home roaster, or roast beans in a pan or hot air popper for an inexpensive alternative. Roasted beans stay fresh for one to three days in an airtight container.

Fun Fact

Coffee is not a bean, but the dried seed from the center of coffee cherries.