How Does a Broiler Pan Work?

By Renee Miller

The Basics

Basic broiler pan
Basic broiler pan

A broiler pan is usually rectangular in shape. It includes a shallow base pan made of metal or enamel. The top, where food is placed, is flat and slotted so that as food cooks, juices or fats drip into the pan below.

Why Use a Broiler Pan?

Use a broiler pan for your health. Before the days of the George Foreman Grill, broiler pans were, and still are, used to broil foods instead of frying them. The health benefits, as mentioned above, are that the fats drip into the pan below rather than staying in your food. This is important for those seeking to reduce their fat consumption. Broiling also cooks food quickly..

How to Use a Broiler Pan?

If you have a gas oven it probably has a drawer at the bottom specifically for broiling under the flame and pilot light. Electric ovens have the broiler coils at the top of the oven, so to broil food, you will need to move the oven rack to the top slot for efficient broiling.

What Can I Cook in a Broiler Pan?

You can broil a variety of foods. Some vegetables, such as potatoes, onions and eggplant can be seasoned and broiled. Chicken, hot dogs and steaks are also delicious broiled and contain less fat than if fried. If you are really daring, you can try your hand at a baked Alaskan dessert, which has to be placed in the broiler for a few seconds to give just the right color to the meringue.