When preparing blackberries for eating, you might want to hull the berries by removing their tough core. Raspberries have a hollow look since they leave behind their hull (core) on the plant when picked, but blackberries, which look like black raspberries, still contain their inner core after picking, especially if they have been picked while still young and tart. Though edible, you might want to remove this hull when making a dish requiring only the juicy berry flavor without the crunch of the inner core.

Things You'll Need

Fill a colander with the blackberries and rinse under cold running water to clean.

Insert the pointed tip of a vegetable peeler into the top of a single blackberry.

Move the peeler in a circle around the top of the berry.

Scoop the cut hull out of the blackberry as you remove the vegetable peeler from the berry.

Repeat with the remaining blackberries until all have had their hulls removed.